Anti-Aging Superstar… Resveratrol Skin Care is here!

Resveratrol, the powerful, wine-derived antioxidant is a must-have ingredient to your anti-aging skin care regimen. Resveratrol  has been dominating the field of anti-aging research for years and the evidence for topical use for skin care is mounting.  Coming from the skin of wine grapes, resveratrol lives up to (and surpasses) the anti-aging benefits found in actual wine itself.  It’s anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce premature aging in the skin that can be caused by inflammation.

Additionally, resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and free-radical fighter.  A few years ago we tested our formulation  using a standard antioxidant test called ORAC and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. We found that resveratrol  was 17 times more potent when tested against one of the ingredients hailed as the strongest antioxidant in a skin care product (idebenone) in the same concentration!  Polyphenols such as resveratrol, are the leaders in antioxidant efficacy.  This anti-aging powerhouse has also been found to reverse the effects of UV damage and protect from further UV damage, which we know is one of the primary culprits in the aging process.

One of the more interesting properties of resveratrol is its cancer-fighting abilities, tested in many types of cancers, but specifically in skin cancer.  There has been considerable evidence to support that resveratrol may help to prevent skin cancer in ways above and beyond antioxidant and anti-inflammatory pathways.

Moreover, resveratrol is a phyto-estrogen, a plant-derived substance, that works similarly to estrogen to help maintain collagen and moisture in the skin.  Because of the many qualities listed above, resveratrol also has anti-acne capabilities, based on more recent studies.

With its laundry list of beneficial properties, it seems logical that resveratrol would be a welcome addition and must-have component in your anti-aging line of defense.  We are thrilled to announce that we are now carrying Veraderma Anti-Aging Creme (with 1% resveratrol) – a brand new, intensive skin care antioxidant which provides maximum protection from premature aging and revitalizes the skin.  Exclusively here and at Calidora Skin Clinics