Happy Birthday Botox Cosmetic! Only 10 years old but so versatile

Although Botox has been around for more than 20 years, it wasn’t until 10 years ago this month that it received FDA approval for cosmetic use. I was an early adopter and have been using Botox in my practice for nearly 20 years now, and with Calidora Skin Clinics I am the largest provider in the Northwest. So how did Botox go from relative obscurity to superstardom in only a decade?
Part of the answer lies in the excellent safety record. This is all the more remarkable considering that Botox is the purified toxin molecule that causes botulism, but in the minuscule doses that are used to relax hyperactive muscles of expression in the face, potential side-effects are very uncommon and temporary when they do occur.
A more important reason for the success of Botox is its versatility. It seems there isn’t anything that Botox can’t do.  We think of it as a wrinkle relaxer, but it is finding uses for prevention of migraine headaches, excessive armpit sweating, and an impressive list of other therapeutic applications. It even appears that it may improve scarring if injected during the initial healing phase.
On the other hand, one thing that has turned people off from considering Botox is the overdone look. But with experience a balanced and natural result is achievable. From the patient’s point of view, the popularity of Botox can create the impression that injecting it is so routine that choosing a provider is as simple as shopping for the best price. At Calidora and in my personal practice, we are especially proud of becoming on of the top providers in the country by using advanced techniques and getting consistent results, not by undercutting the competition by cheapening the cost.