Posted by Dr. Baxter

| January 12, 2015

Which breast implant profile is best? Demystifying terminology

Dr. Baxter describes the different types of breast implant profiles to help patients decide which is best for them.

Posted by Dr. Baxter

| December 03, 2014

Is generosity the ultimate anti-aging strategy? The science of good deeds

This blog reviews the science of how generosity improves health and prolongs life.

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| November 24, 2014

Why gratitude is good for your health

Dr. Baxter's blog summarizes recent studies showing that being thankful is good for physical and mental health.

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| November 18, 2014

When to Consider High Profile Breast Implants

Dr. Baxter's 2004 article on the use of high profile breast implants.

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| November 03, 2014

Diversionary tactics: How to keep your plastic surgery discreet

Dr. Baxter offers advice on how to keep your plastic surgery a secret

Posted by Dr. Baxter

| October 21, 2014

What to know when revision surgery is needed

Dr. Baxter is interviewed on The Plastic Surgery Channel about his advice for patients needing revision surgery.

Posted by Dr. Baxter

| October 15, 2014

Do breast implants hinder cancer screening?

Breast implants do not interfere with mammographic screening for breast cancer

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| October 01, 2014

Service counts more than technology (What I learned at ISAPS)

International plastic surgery meetings provide insight into new techniques and technologies but the travel experience provides lessons in service.

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| September 04, 2014

Top Ten Surprising Uses for Botox

Ten surprising uses for botox such as treatment of chronic pain, reduction of scarring, and arthritis are listed.

Posted by Dr. Baxter

| August 26, 2014

Mother of the Bride Makeovers, Glamorous Grandmas, and Reunion Rejuvenation

Three mini-trends at Baxter Plastic Surgery are glamorous grandmas, mother of the bride makeovers, and class reunion rejuvenations.