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New Study | October 27, 2020

Your skin is being attacked by zombies. How to fight back

as cells in your body get old or accumulate damage, they often fall into a zombie-like state called senescence. These “zombie” cells are bad news: they’re not quite dead and not quite alive, but they do create a lot of inflammation and accelerate aging. The first skin care product proven to reverse effects of aging by targeting senescent cells was released this month

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| October 15, 2020

Is your skin older than you are? The new Photo Age Clock

I’ve been working with a company who have developed a sophisticated program called the Photo Age Clock. It is being used primarily by companies developing skin care products and anti-aging researchers, but I am looking into how this might be used in clinical practice.

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Facelifts | September 21, 2020

The colors and ages of beauty: What it means for plastic surgery

When you go to a plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation, you expect him or her to recommend a plan specific to you. It may seem obvious, but standards of beauty and youthfulness are diverse, so it is important for your plastic surgeon to understand how the aging process varies by ethnicity and skin color, among other things

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| August 26, 2020

From collagen to Covid: Why clinical trials are important

many issues need good clinical trials now, from best practices to optimize breast implant safety to the scramble for answers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether from the rush to hype a new procedure or respond to an epidemic, reliable solutions come from clinical studies with measurable results

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Surgery Report | August 10, 2020

The eyes have it: Looking your best when a mask hides the rest

It’s been said that the eyes are mirrors of the soul, but nowadays they are even more important in reflecting how we are perceived and how we express ourselves. Eyelid rejuvenation is more popular than ever, whether by surgery, Botox, or injectable fillers.

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| August 05, 2020

Update on anti-aging diets

There is no lack of research on dietary strategies for longevity, health and beauty, but with so many books and websites about anti-aging diets, it’s a challenge to figure out which is makes the most sense. Most likely there isn’t a single answer that suits everyone, but there are some common denominators. Here’s my take on what’s hot now in anti-aging nutrition.

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| July 24, 2020

Is the golden ratio the key to beauty?

the Golden Ratio is a proportion that exists throughout nature and has used by artists for millennia. It can be found in the great pyramids of Egypt, the spirals of flower, even the shape of the human breast. I’m no fan of reducing plastic surgery to mathematics though; beauty is too subjective and individualized.

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| July 08, 2020

Advantages of a private plastic surgery facility during Covid

I’m finding a few positives about working in my accredited private plastic surgery facility, but the biggest advantage to our patients is that we are not a facility that treats sick patients.

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| June 10, 2020

Opening up about opening up

the number one reason why patients are seeking plastic surgery now

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Surgery Report | May 27, 2020

Comfort amid COVID craziness

How do we show a personal touch in a plastic surgery practice in the impersonal time of COVID? A surgery patient gave us a surprise answer: “I’m surprised that I feel so relaxed. I actually feel more comfortable and safer here than I do going to the grocery store. Here I know everything is absolutely clean, and everyone’s job is to keep me safe.”