Posted by Dr. Baxter

| August 14, 2019

Top 5 myths in plastic surgery

How is the smart plastic surgery consumer supposed to separate fact from fiction? It isn’t easy, but here are a few common myths and advice on how to separate truth from fiction in plastic surgery.

Posted by Dr. Baxter

| July 08, 2019

Bra fitting after breast implants

In many ways, bra fitting for women with implants is the same as without, but there are a few important differences, and a fair amount of confusing advice.

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Surgery Report | June 20, 2019

Smart, smarter, smartest lipo: Update on liposuction and body contouring

There are many body contouring options to choose from now, including noninvasive fat freezing (Coolsculpting®), laser-assisted liposuction (e.g., Smart Lipo®), noninvasive laser (e.g., SculpSure®), liposuction with ultrasound (VASER®), noninvasive ultrasound (e.g., UltraShape®), injectables (Kybella®), but the smartest liposuction still depends more on skill and the surgeon’s judgment than technology.

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| May 28, 2019

Pop stars get real about plastic surgery

Speculation about celebrities having plastic surgery is nothing new, but some stars are going public. Does the growing list reflect an end to the taboo about plastic surgery?

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| March 21, 2019

New issues with breast implants: Should you be concerned?

There are renewed safety concerns about silicone breast implants, including the breast implant illness syndrome and ALCL. Dr. Baxter discusses the issues with breast implants and offers his perspective of nearly 30 years doing breast implant surgery.

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Videos | January 23, 2019

Mind the gap: The Cleavage Conundrum

In this post Dr. Baxter explains how to get the best cleavage gap with breast augmentation.

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| January 07, 2019

Botox Options: What's in a brand?

This blog explains how to compare the different brands of neuromodulators competing with Botox.

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| December 03, 2018

Plastic surgery trends 2018-19

Dr. Baxter identifies trends for 2018 and 2019 in plastic surgery, including increasing interest in nonsurgical options, better informed patients, and less stigma to having plastic surgery.

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| November 05, 2018

Gratitudology Part 3

Dr. Baxter discusses the latest science on how expressing gratitude improves health and well-being.

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| October 25, 2018

Top 20 advances in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in the past 20 years Part 4

Dr. Baxter's list of top 20 advances in plastic surgery in the past 20 years concludes with increased emphasis on safety, the increasing influence of social media, 3D and augmented reality, tissue engineering, and a look to the future.