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| January 31, 2020

Breast augmentation in athletic women: update

the dual plane method involves detaching a portion of the pectoral muscle, leading to two potential problems: The first is called animation deformity, a distortion of the breast with muscle activity because the detached muscle pulls on the implant capsule. The second is loss of strength; these can be prevented by using the split muscle plane

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| January 15, 2020

Are antioxidant supplements bad for you?

It's increasingly looking like antioxidant supplements might do more harm than good

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Botox, Facelifts | December 19, 2019

Getting Real: What Real Self tells us about trends in plastic surgery

Dr. Baxter has been affiliated with for many years and he reflects on trends in plastic surgery and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments.

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| November 05, 2019

The future of anti-aging is here and it’s looking good

Allure first announced their campaign against the term “anti-aging” two years ago, but they got it wrong then and they don’t seem to have figured it out yet. Anti-aging is just getting going, and its future is bright.

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| October 21, 2019

Plastic surgeons getting behind a ban on the BBL? Not so fast.

It’s neither Brazilian nor a butt lift, but the Brazilian Butt Lift, more correctly called gluteal fat grafting, has become the most dangerous cosmetic surgery operation in recent years, leading to calls for banning it. But it can be done safely by qualified plastic surgeons if limitations are respected.

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| September 25, 2019

Will local anesthesia work for my plastic surgery procedure? Understanding your options

There are good reasons to consider local anesthesia for minor plastic surgery procedures, but it is not a good option for everyone. Your plastic surgeon should be able to offer whatever type of anesthesia is best for your safety and comfort.

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| August 30, 2019

Nutrition for optimal healing after plastic surgery

It’s a given that good nutrition is a basic requirement for healing after surgery, but plastic surgery patients often have unique needs. Being more body-conscious, they are more likely to diet, may already have had significant weight loss, and frequently use supplements.

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| August 14, 2019

Top 5 myths in plastic surgery

How is the smart plastic surgery consumer supposed to separate fact from fiction? It isn’t easy, but here are a few common myths and advice on how to separate truth from fiction in plastic surgery.

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| July 08, 2019

Bra fitting after breast implants

In many ways, bra fitting for women with implants is the same as without, but there are a few important differences, and a fair amount of confusing advice.

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Surgery Report | June 20, 2019

Smart, smarter, smartest lipo: Update on liposuction and body contouring

There are many body contouring options to choose from now, including noninvasive fat freezing (Coolsculpting®), laser-assisted liposuction (e.g., Smart Lipo®), noninvasive laser (e.g., SculpSure®), liposuction with ultrasound (VASER®), noninvasive ultrasound (e.g., UltraShape®), injectables (Kybella®), but the smartest liposuction still depends more on skill and the surgeon’s judgment than technology.