The Do’s and Don’ts After a Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a comprehensive cosmetic procedure that targets the bodily changes that occur after pregnancy,, or dramatic weight loss. These challenges can include excess abdominal skin, fatty tissue, and separatedabdominal muscles. The goal of your tummy tuck is to create a firm, flattened midsection and restore a more youthful waistline.  … Read More »

Eight tummy tuck variations: How to know what’s best for you

I’m updating the piece I wrote a while back on seven variations of tummy tucks to include mesh reinforcement of diastasis repair, which we have been doing more of lately. The reason for these variations is to allow the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure to be customized to the patient’s needs. These options include a full… Read More »

The ‘Tylenol Tummy Tuck’ Gets You Results With Less Pain

Who doesn’t dream of flat, toned abs? It’s part of the reason why the tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Real or perceived, it is also considered one of the most painful operations, which scares some people away. But no longer! In this article I’ll share my expertise and help explain the ‘Tylenol Tummy Tuck’,… Read More »

Drain or no drain with tummy tuck?

The drainless tummy tuck seems to have been gaining recognition recently, but is it for real? Certainly having drain tubes after surgery is not something patients look forward to, but if it helps speed recovery and prevent complications then it is an acceptable trade-off. Progressive Tension Sutures are key to the drainless tummy tuck The… Read More »

How much should your tummy tuck cost?

Research is vital when planning your plastic surgery procedure For cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks and mommy makeovers, cost is important because it is paid out of pocket. The typical tummy tuck patient is a mom, and it is a very significant household budget item. It is of course most important to… Read More »

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