Facelift and temporal brow lift

Necklift with fat transfer to cheeks and nanofat around the eyes

VECTRA 3-D analysis shows placement and volume of fat grafts

Facelift, lower eyelid blepharoplasty, and temporal brow lift

Facelift With Laser Peel Lower Eyelids

Facelift with laser resurfacing lower eyelid area

Temporal brow lift and cheek lift

Standard Facelift


Facelift, temporal browlift, and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Standard Facelift

Full standard facelift, 10 months post op.

Facelift and Browlift

Before and after pictures of a patient with a full facelift and subcutaneous browlift by Dr. Baxter.


Standard facelift.

Temporal Browlift

Using a hairline incision, this patient had a temporal browlift by Dr. Baxter for a natural appearing eyebrow shape.

Lip Lift

Upper lip lift with incision under the nose to conceal the scar.

Lip Lift

Patient with a lip lift done under local anesthesia.

Standard Facelift with SMAS and platysmaplasty