Hollywood’s Influence on Plastic Surgery

How much does it affect our attitude and behaviors toward the subject?

From the earliest days of cinema when film was black and white and sound was non-existent, Hollywood has set the tone for beauty standards, and the common populace has been trying to catch up ever since! In 2016, we’re inundated more than ever with images of beautiful people (natural or otherwise), through pop culture mediums such as reality TV and social media like Snapchat and Instagram. This accessibility to the stars coupled with ever-advancing techniques in the digital and surgical realms means that our perception of what is normal and what is beautiful has been shifted. Now more than ever, these vehicles of communication are leading the change in how beauty secrets, cosmetic products, and plastic surgery is marketed. As plastic surgery is transitioning from a taboo to a norm, there is a clear increase in everyday folks looking to improve their appearance in one way or another.

Is the influence positive or negative?

Many plastic surgeons acknowledge these influences and believe they can be healthy, as long as the change is approached in the most natural way. A prevailing thought is that it’s all about how the procedure is presented to the potential patient and how they perceive it. Is it a healthy, somewhat subtle change to help them feel better about themselves, or is it something patients feel pressured into having done so they can feel like they’re up to modern (synonymous with “unrealistic”) standards? Because plastic surgery is such a common thing in Hollywood, it’s easy for detractors to point out celebrities who have clearly done too much. This is one of the biggest hurdles plastic surgeons have to overcome, as the “clearly overdone” work is so visible, while some of the best and most subtle work is, by nature, hard to detect!

More exposure helps keeps potential patients informed

For better or worse, cinema has helped promote the cultural acceptance of cosmetic surgery while passively educating the public about the various enhancements and procedures available since its inception. There are the procedures that everyone seems to know about such as breast implants and rhinoplasties, but some of the more subtle procedures can be unknown until the person in question decides to divulge the work they’ve had done. As more and more success stories come out involving the less-invasive treatments we offer pick up steam, like Botox, fat transfer, and laser sculpting, popular demand will continue to soar.

Find the right procedure for you, not someone else

Sometimes it’s our job to help connect the patient’s vision for what they want done to a more realistic expectation. That’s not to say a patient can’t have movie-star good looks, but variables such as skin type, complexion, medical history, and bone structure can all have impact which procedure or treatment makes the most sense. I also tell my patients to do their own research either online or in magazines for things like new skincare treatments, a medical spa’s skin peel, or an injectable botox filler. After that, the first step is to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon, as they will take into account your goals and then advise you on which treatments and procedures best match your unique makeup. A lot of times, they will bring up approaches that you might not even be aware of!

Our technology & science meets your beauty.

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