How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

What the Savvy Patient Needs to Know

Liposuction costs anywhere from about $2,000 to $6,000 or more, depending on several things: how many areas are being done, what type of anesthesia is used, the facility where the operation is done, and add-on technologies such as laser or ultrasound. While it is important to have an idea of the cost before scheduling consultations, unfortunately, it isn’t realistic to be more specific without an in-person meeting with the surgeon.

Another reason that cost cannot be predetermined is that not everyone considering liposuction is a good candidate for it. Because lipo is a body contouring operation – not a weight loss procedure – patients who are significantly overweight should not have it done. Another example is where there is loose skin in the area, such as the abdomen, where a tummy tuck might be needed instead.

Why You Should Choose an Accredited Facility

Keep in mind that a liposuction is a form of surgery, so the facility where the operation is performed is an important safety consideration. Although the skin incisions may be tiny (so small they typically don’t need a stitch), the fat being removed is living tissue. Even the gentlest techniques carry some degree of risk, and so the safest approach to liposuction is to have it done in an accredited surgical facility. Safety is not an area where you want to try to save a few bucks by cutting corners.

“I have been insecure about my stomach and love handles since having children. Despite working out and maintaining a healthy weight, I have always accumulated extra fat in the abdominal area. I went to three separate consultations with Dr.Baxter. 

The office staff and nurses were courteous and professional through several phone, email and in person conversations. They helped to ease my nerves and ensured every question or concern was addressed. 

On procedure day the nurses talked me through the pre operative preparation and the anesthesiologist was AMAZING, everyone in the room made me feel completely at ease. 

The results were quite noticeable right away and continued to improve over the course of the first two months.”

Which Type of Anesthesia is Best For Lipo?

The type of anesthesia used and who administers it is another important factor, both in cost as well as safety. It is also a topic of much confusion. Basically, there are 3 options: local anesthesia only (called the tumescent technique), intravenous sedation, and general anesthesia. With the tumescent technique you are awake, but often with some premedication for relaxation. This works well for small areas, but I recommend IV sedation for larger procedures. This method combines tumescent with sedation with constant monitoring so that you nap through the procedure. General anesthesia might be considered for large areas or when lipo is combined with another operation such as a tummy tuck. All versions are equally safe.

Experience More Important than Technology

Patients often ask what technique is best – “smart” lipo (laser-assisted), Vaser (ultrasound), or one of a multitude of other branded name versions. The most important variable, however, is not the instrument, it is the experience of the surgeon wielding it. The best surgeons with the most experience tend to not discount their fees.

The best plastic surgeons will also be honest about expectations, which type of anesthesia is best, and what the safest and most effective approach is. 

See examples of liposuction before & after here.

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