Is your skin older than you are? The new Photo Age Clock


One thing I’ve learned about anti-aging in my research is that we all age differently, and all parts of the body often age at different rates. This is especially true for skin; for example, you may be a fitness fanatic but if you spent much of your time outdoors then your skin’s fitness reflects the cumulative effects of sun damage. If your goal is to look as young as you feel, then your skin needs to get in sync with the rest of your body!

The Photo Age Clock measures true skin age

All well and good you say, but there are thousands of products out there claiming to help. How do we know which ones are truly working to reverse aging? It’s now as easy as taking a selfie. There is some very sophisticated artificial intelligence computing involved, and the technology is revolutionary. I’ve been working with a company called, who have developed a program called the Photo Age Clock. It is being used primarily by companies developing skin care products and anti-aging researchers, but I am looking into how this might be used in clinical practice. I am happy to make this unique opportunity available to my patients. Here’s how it works:






















1. Take a selfie! (without makeup)



2. Email it to (the images will be kept confidential unless we have your specific permission to share)


3. A report on your skin age will be generated.


4. We can track your improvements with treatments such as Emepelle® for estrogen-deficient skin.

Anti-aging science has become an exciting topic over the past couple of years, and this Photo Age Clock is only one example. It is now possible to measure biological age (as compared to chronological age), both for an individual as a whole and for various tissues and organs in the body. That’s how we know for example that your skin can be biologically older or younger than the rest of you. What is truly exciting about this is that we can determine with a high degree of accuracy what the effects of treatments are. Whether we are looking at supplements, skin care products, laser treatments, or changes in lifestyle, the effects can be tracked in meaningful and relevant ways. So the next time you see something promoted as “anti-aging” you should say “prove it!”

Our technology & science meets your beauty.

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