Liposonix update

With about 6 months of experience under our belts, the word on Liposonix is positive. This is good news because although Liposonix is the first FDA-cleared device for noninvasive localized fat reduction using focused ultrasound, not every worthwhile technology delivers on its promise (while others of dubious benefit seem to hang around for lack of anything better – don’t get me started.) Ten doctors around the country who were involved in the clinical trials (including myself) were able to acquire Liposonix devices early after the FDA clearance and collected data from their experience and their patients. Here is a snapshot of the combined results, based on a five-point scale:


  • Patients were satisfied with the treatment experience (4.1/5.0) and results (3.9/5.0), at each follow-up and most importantly, 12-weeks post-treatment.
  • Patients were consistently willing (4.0/5.0) to recommend the treatment to a friend or colleague.
  • Average reduction 12-weeks post 1 treatment was 2.55cm (1.0 inch)


These results are mirrored in opinions of patients on, who gave Liposonix a thumbs-up 85% of the time. Though outcomes are not always equivalent to liposuction, the cost of a Liposonix treatment is much less (starting at around $1500) and of course, liposuction is surgery, while Liposonix is completely noninvasive. to see before and after photos and additional details here.

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