Plastic Surgery post-COVID: The new normal


“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” – Yogi Berra


What will the post-COVID plastic surgery world look like? About the only thing we can safely predict is that it will be different. COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while, despite social distancing. So with that in mind, I brought out my (virtual) crystal ball, doused it with a good amount of sanitizer, and took a peek. Here what I saw:


Zoom in on the neck

Does anyone really look their best on a zoom call? For a while we have heard about #tech neck, the sagging appearance attributed to bending down to look at your cell phone. And unless you have made the effort to arrange studio lighting in your home office, videoconferencing probably doesn’t show you to your best advantage. Calls about necklifting had been trending up before the lockdown, and inquiries have actually continued to increase. Plastic surgeons are going to be busy with neck rejuvenation procedures after the COVID crisis eases. For nonsurgical approaches my advice is to be cautious and make sure that your expectations are realistic. Some of these give good results on some patients, but none works well in all.

Botox bonanza?

For many, Botox is a maintenance ritual, and because the effect lasts 3 months, this will be the longest they have gone without it in a while. Botox isn’t just about relaxing wrinkles; there’s good evidence that it helps reduce stress. There’s been plenty of that to go around these past few months, so I expect Botox to rebound.

The natural look will prevail

In a time when so many are socially isolated and struggling financially or medically, no one wants the overdone look. Overt vanity seems tone deaf, but a discreetly done bit of enhancement can provide a lift to your spirit. Fortunately the natural result is something I have always been known for. A natural, balanced result doesn’t necessarily mean doing less though; it’s a question of doing what’s right for the individual. For example, a full facelift may be a more sensible option that just lifting the neck, and adding an extra area of lipo could produce a more proportionate overall contour.


We will be back better than ever! Watch this space for our re-opening schedule.

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