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A breast lift is called a mastopexy (masto- for breast, -pexy for lift.) It is usually done for women who have had breast enlargement with pregnancy and then lose breast volume afterward, or as a result of weight loss or age. The surgery is designed to correct sagging and restore a more natural, youthful shape. What a breast lift doesn't do is move the entire breast higher; the idea is to reshape it so that the nipple is in the best position on the breast mound.

One major advance in breast lift surgery is the internal bra with Galaflex mesh. The internal bra is designed to help maintain  upper pole fullness, counteracting the natural tendency for loss of volume in the upper half of the breast that occurs with all types of mastopexy. 

The most common method of mastopexy involves a design where wedges of skin from the bottom of the breast are removed and the nipple-areolar area is elevated. The resultant scars, after the healing process, forms a line around the edge of the areola (the dark skin around the nipple), a vertical line from the bottom of the areola to the fold at the bottom of the breast, and a horizontal line in this fold. The pattern is somewhat "anchor" shaped. Although the scars fade nicely in most cases, they remain visible and can at times be obvious. The periareolar method (“Benelli lift”) is designed to place the scar only around the edge of the areola, where it is disguised between the transition from darker to lighter skin. It involves the use of a "purse string" type suture, in addition to some reshaping of the breast tissue. This method eliminates most of the visible scars, but can only be used where a small amount of lifting is needed.

The next step up is called the vertical pattern, which has a lollipop-shaped scar. This allows for more shaping and better projection. For larger degrees of sagging, the standard pattern (anchor scar) may be recommended.

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