Kybella Double-Chin Injectable

Kybella Fat Reduction in Seattle

Kybella is an injectable product for reduction of "double chin" otherwise known as "submental fat." The fat reduction effect is permanent, but it typically requires at least 2-4 sessions done 4-6 weeks apart.

Is a lunchtime procedure really going to transform your chin fat?

According to the FDA, you should expect to have up to six treatments no less than one month apart. During each treatment, you will have about 50 injections to the chin area. It is important to know that there is usually significant swelling and some discomfort after each session.

How does it work?

Kybella is an acid that melts the cell membranes. It will actually melt anything it comes in contact with, so it's important to find an experienced doctor. Once the cells are destroyed their remnants are flushed from the body (aka you pee it all out).

Looking for Kybella Fat Reduction in the Seattle Area?

Dr. Baxter is a nationally recognized plastic surgery expert providing Kybella Fat Reduction with his experienced and caring staff in an accredited, private surgical facility in the Seattle area. He has been voted “Western Washington’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon” and was elected by his peers to be listed in the “Guide to America’s Top Physicians.” We'd like to help guide you through YOUR Kybella Fat Reduction procedure, just use our consultation form to request a consultation or call us at 425-776-0880.