Lip Enhancement

Seattle Lip Augmentation

Full appearing lips have long been considered a hallmark of youthful beauty. Newer methods of lip augmentation, which are longer lasting and more natural feeling, have made this procedure increasingly popular. When considering lip augmentation, however, the overall balance of one's facial features needs to be considered. The key to a beautiful result is to create the right shape for the lips rather than simple enlargement, as well as to create appropriate and harmonious proportions.

Several options are available for lip enhancement. Injectable fillers are generally temporary. The most popular products are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. Generally these last from 6-9 months in lips.

For a permanent result, I use the PermaLip implant. Long-lasting but not necessarily permanent enhancement can be accomplished with Alloderm, a natural material made from human skin with all of the cellular material removed, leaving behind the collagen matrix. Alloderm is a soft, solid material, which requires a brief surgical procedure for placement. It has been used extensively for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and research has confirmed that it is very long-lasting. Most patients maintain good results at least 2 years after placement. Alloderm is easily shaped for natural-appearing results and because it is comprised of human collagen, it is more likely to be incorporated into the tissues of the body. Alloderm has an outstanding safety record.

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