Ulthera™ Facial Cosmetic Procedure

Ulthera™ facial rejuvenation

Ultherapy™ is a new type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure for achieving skin reminiscent of an earlier time. The Ulthera System is used by physicians and their specially-certified staff to precisely deliver acoustic sound waves deep into the skin to thermally initiate the body's own rejuvenative mechanisms. This is done with the help of acoustic imaging for seeing the layers of soft tissue before treating. This novel ultrasound combination promises to set a new standard in the aesthetics industry.

Clinical evaluation at Northwestern University has shown that one full-face Ultherapy treatment can produce significant and satisfying tightening and lift. Findings of three independent physician evaluators and quantitative assessment of photographs revealed that 9 of 10 treated subjects demonstrated clinically significant eyebrow lift at 90 days, resulting in less hooding and a more open look to the eyes. Subjects reported firmer, tighter skin in other areas of the face and an overall refreshed appearance as well.

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