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Full tummy tuck with muscle repair and liposuction of hips

Full tummy tuck by Dr. Baxter.

This MOMS (Mothers of Multiples) Makeover tummy tuck reinforced the muscle repair with Galaflex mesh.

Mini abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in a patient with previous C-section. The scar was lowered and a tattoo removed.

When a full tummy tuck is needed but the skin cannot be removed all the way up to the belly button without placeing the scar too high, the upside-down T-closure allow s the scar to remain low.

This patient of Dr. baxter had a full tummy tuck using the progressive tension suture method. Pictures are before and 6 weeks after.

Patient of Dr. Baxter with a wide muscle separation after pregnancies, reinfoced with SERI Scaffold mesh during tummy tuck.

This before and after set shows a patient of Dr. Baxter who had a full tummy tuck with some lipo on the flanks.

This patient of Dr. Baxter had an extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck.)

Standard (full) tummy tuck.

Mini tummy tuck with umbilical float and complete diastasis repair

Bidirectional abdominoplasty. This is a reverse abdominoplasty, which lifts the upper abdomen with a scar under the breasts, and a mini abdominoplasty for the lower abdomen so there is no scar on the belly button. The close-up is the upper scar.

Extended tummy tuck with liposuction of hips.

Full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Patient with breast asymmetry corrected with R. SSM 275 cc Soft Touch cohesive implant, and L. Benelli lift and SSLP 205 cc implant.

Breast augmentation with Inspira Soft Touch 295 cc implants using split muscle technique

Because this patient has an oval breast rather than round, Dr. Baxter selected anatomical implants.

Patient with asymmetry had augmentation with Inspira 295 cc Moderate Profile on R, 235 cc Low-Plus Profile and vertical pattern breast lift on L.

Breast augmentation Inspira SRLP (Smoth Round Low Plus) implants, and VECTRA simuations with swimsuit top.

Breast augmentation with Sientra 290 cc moderate profile oval base form stable implants

Because of a wide separation of the breasts and an oval base to the breasts, this patient had Sientra oval base 370 Moderate Profile form stable implants.

Breast augmentation with Smooth Round Full profile Inspira implants and Left crescent lift.

Breast augmentation and R crescent lift, Inspira SRF 365 cc implants

Breast augmnetation and R Crescent lift, SRM 335 cc implants.

Breast augmentation with Inspira smooth round full profile 295 cc silicone implants.

VECTRA 3D images before and after breast augmentation with Inspira Smooth Round Full profile implants.

Patient with asymmetry and augmentation using Inspira moderate profile implants

This patient has an oval base shape to the breasts and a short nipple-to-crease distance, so an oval base implant rather than round was selected.

Patient of Dr. Baxter with Inspira extra full profile (SRX) silicone gel implants, 445 cc.

These VECTRA 3-D before and after images of Dr. Baxter's patient show breast augmentation with Sientra 415 cc high profile implants and a left crescent lift. 

VECTRA 3D analysis on this patient with asymmetry calculated a 20-30 cc volume difference, sp augmentation was done with Natrelle Style 15 implants, 265 cc on the Right and 286 cc on the left.

Before and after images and VECTRA 3D simulation of a breast augmentation using the split muscle technique with Sientra 305 cc moderate profile implants are shown in this patient of Richard A Baxter MD.

VECTRA 3-D before and after breast augmentation with Sientra 405 cc moderate profile silicone implants.

Breast augmentation patient of Dr. Richard Baxter with correction of asymmetry using Sientra implants and VECTRA 3D simulation

Natrelle Style 20 (high profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 400 cc.

Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 302 cc.

Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 397 cc.

Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 421 cc.

Breast augmentation with smooth round saline implants. Split muscle technique, R. 310 cc, L. 330 cc.

Saline implants and left crescent lift, R 330 +20 cc, L 300 +20 cc, split muscle technique.

This patient is shown before and 3 weeks after augmentation with Sientra form-stable ("gummy bear") 370 cc high-projecting implants.

This patient of Dr. Baxter had asymmetrical breasts and an oval base. She had augmentation using 370 cc oval base form-stable high profile Sientra implants. Images are VECTRA 3D.

Bilateral capsular contracture treated with capsulectomy, implant replacement and Benelli breast lift

Stretch deformity and rippling corrected with saline to silicone implant exchange, over to split muscle under, Strattice internal bra, and Benelli breast lift.

Patient with lateral implant malposition and rippling, corrected with implant replacement and Strattice ADM

Galaflex mesh internal bra for implants that fall to the side

Animation deformity, bottoming out, and rippling corrected with change to split muscle and Strattice internal bra.

This patient requested downsizing her implants, improvement of rippling, revising her previous breast lift, and correction of asymmetry. She was converted from above muscle to split muscle, exchange to full profile Soft Touch cohesive gel implants, and revision of the breast lift.

Before and after pictures of double bubble plus “windowshading” animation deformity corrected by conversion from dual-plane subpectoral to split muscle plane.

Correction of animation deformity and double bubble by conversion to split muscle plane.

This patient requested removal of her breast implants, and a full lift was done in order to reshape the breast tissue.

This patient presented with bilateral rotated “gummy bear” anatomical implants with animation deformity and double bubble, corrected with conversion to split muscle plane and exchange to round implants.

This patient of Dr. Baxter presented with windowshading animation deformity of both breasts and bottoming out of the right breast, corrected by converting from dual-plane subpectoral to the split muscle plane and and a SERI internal bra.

This patient had significant animation deformity one year after augmentation with subpectoral 300 cc saline implants, corrected by conversion from dual plane to split muscle plane.

Before and after pictures of animation deformity (“windowshading”) and double bubble corrected by conversion from dual-plane subpectoral to split muscle plane.

Patient presents with submuscular 375 cc saline implants, with windowshading animation deformity, rippling, and wide space between breasts; she also requests increase in size. Corrected by conversion to split muscle plane, Strattice grafts, and exchange to 450 cc silicone gel implants.

This patient presents with animation deformity from dual plane breast augmentation, corrected by conversion to the split muscle plane. (She also had a reverse tummy tuck.)

This patient with dual plane submuscular implants had animation deformity and sagging, corrected by conversion to the split muscle plane and vertical pattern lift by Dr. Baxter.

Before and after pictures of capsular contractures corrected by capsulectomy, Strattice grafts, and implant replacement.

Previous bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with saline implants, 360 cc filled to 380 cc, dual plane subpectoral technique; she presents with grade 4 capsular contractures, asymmetry, and pain. Corrected by capsulectomy, Alloderm internal bra, and exchange to Sientra form-stable (“gummy bear”) 370 cc cohesive gel implants.

Before and after pictures of bottoming out implants corrected with capsulorrhaphy and Strattice internal bra and replacement of saline implants with Natrelle Style 15, 304 cc.

This patient had multiple issues including bottoming out, rippling, and animation deformity, corrected by implant exchange, SERI internal bra, and change to split muscle plane.

Animation deformity persisting after implant removal. This patient presented after multiple attempts at correcting animation deformity and finally decided to remove her implants, but the pectoral muscle was not re-attached so the problem persisted. Corrected by conversion to the split muscle plane to re-attach the lower portion of the muscle, and SERI Scaffold internal bra for support and coverage with new smooth round silicone gel implants.

Before and 1 year after correction of bottoming out and rippling with bilateral SERI Scaffold internal bra.

Saline implants with rippling, bottoming out, and animation deformity, corrected with conversion to split muscle plane, SERI internal bra, and exchange to Natrelle Style 15 smooth round silicone gel implants, 371 cc. VECTRA 3D images.

This patient of Dr. Baxter had traction ripples in the upper part of the breast from saline implants above the muscle. They were exchanged to 304 cc Style 15 Natrelle silicone gel implants under the muscle using the split muscle technique, and a SERI internal bra for support. VECTRA 3D images are shown with one-year follow up.

This patient of Dr. Baxter shows repair of breast implants bottoming out using a SERI internal bra, before and 1 year after.

Standard breast lift with Inspira 300 cc low plus (SRLP) implants

Standard breast lift with Galaflex internal bra for long term support

Correction of waterfall ptosis with a breast lift and internal bra

Repair of bottoming out with internal bra.

This one-year follow up of a patient of Dr. Baxter shows good maintenance of fullness and projection of the breast using GalaFLEX internal bra with a standard breast lift.

Standard pattern breast lift.

Standard pattern breast lift.

Vertical pattern breast lift.

VECTRA 3D images of a patient with breast asymmetry treated with a right breast reduction and left breast lift using a GalaFLEX internal bra.

Full breast lift and reduction.

Facelift with laser resurfacing lower eyelid area

Facelift, temporal browlift, and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Full standard facelift, 10 months post op.

Before and after pictures of a patient with a full facelift and subcutaneousl browlift by Dr. Baxter.

Standard facelift

Using a hairline incision, this patient had a temporal browlift by Dr. Baxter for a natural appearing eyebrow shape.

Upper lip lift with incision under the nose to conceal the scar

Patient with a lip lift done under local anesthesia.

Restylane Botox: Restylane to “marionette” lines, Botox to DAO muscle to elevate corners of the mouth

Kybella is used off-label in this patient, for dissolving the fat pad above the bra called the axillary roll. Results are shown 6 weeks after 1 injection.

These before and after images show Botox treatment to the corrugator muscle.

This patient underwent a single Liposonix treatment to the abdominal area. Pictures are before and after 3 months

This patient had a single Liposonix treatment to the abdomen and flanks. After 3 months she had a 2-inch reduction in her waist.

Liposonix to abdomen and love handles, one treatment.

This patient had previous Coolsculpting (Zeltiq) and Zerona, without the desired results. A single Liposonix treatment reduced her waist by 4.5 cm (almost 2 inches) after 3 months.

Liposuction inner & outer thighs

Liposuction of the abdomen and love handles on a male patient

Full tummy tuck and standard breast lift with Gala internal bra

Mommy Makeover with full Tummy Tuck and Standard Breast Lift with Galaflex Internal Bra

Mommy makeover with full tummy tuck and breast aughmentation with Inspira SRM 310 cc implants

Before and 6 months after pictures of a Mommy Makeover patient of Dr. Baxter, who had a full tummy tuck and a standard breast lift with Galaflex internal bra.

This patient is shown before and 3 months after a full tummy tuck and a vertical pattern breast lift including a GalaFLEX internal bra.

Mommy makeover with full tummy tuck and benelli breast lift and Sientra 370 cc implants.

45 year old mother of 2, prior appendectomy. Mommy makeover included a standard abdominoplasty, liposuction of hips & flanks, and breast augmentation with Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) silicone gel implants, 286 cc, split muscle method.

Mommy makeover with standard abdominoplasty and standard breast lift (mastopexy

Ultherapy full face and neck

Ultherapy face and neck, 3 months

Patient of Dr. Baxter who had a chin implant and liposuction of the neck.

Before and after liposuction of upper arms

Dr. Baxter patient with temporal (lateral) browlift and upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Dr. Baxter patient with upper eyelid blepharoplasty and subcutaneous brow lift

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