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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Photo Gallery, by Dr. Baxter

Asymmetry correction with Soft Touch cohesive implants

Patient with breast asymmetry corrected with R. SSM 275 cc Soft Touch cohesive implant, and L. Benelli lift and SSLP 205 cc implant.

Before (VECTRA 3D)After (VECTRA 3D)

Inspira Soft Touch 295

Breast augmentation with Inspira Soft Touch 295 cc implants using split muscle technique

Before SSMAfter SSM 295After SSM 295Before SSM

Sientra oval base form stable 480HP

Because this patient has an oval breast rather than round, Dr. Baxter selected anatomical implants.

BeforeAfter 480HPBeforeAfter 480HP

Breast aug with L vertical lift

Patient with asymmetry had augmentation with Inspira 295 cc Moderate Profile on R, 235 cc Low-Plus Profile and vertical pattern breast lift on L.


Inspira 205 Low Plus

Breast augmentation Inspira SRLP (Smoth Round Low Plus) implants, and VECTRA simuations with swimsuit top.

BeforeVECTRA sim 205 SRLPAfter 250 SRLPAfter with Swimsuit Sim

Breast augmentation with oval base form-stable implants

Breast augmentation with Sientra 290 cc moderate profile oval base form stable implants

before oval base implantsAnalysis shows oval baseafter oval base implants

Sientra 370 oval base

Because of a wide separation of the breasts and an oval base to the breasts, this patient had Sientra oval base 370 Moderate Profile form stable implants.

Before Sientra 70After Sientra 370Before Sientra 370After Sientra 370

Inspira SRF 335

Breast augmentation with Smooth Round Full profile Inspira implants and Left crescent lift.

Before SRF 335Inspira SRF afterBefore SRF 335Inspira SRF 335 after

Inspira SRF 365 cc

Breast augmentation and R crescent lift, Inspira SRF 365 cc implants

Before SRF 365SRF 365 afterBefore SRF 365After Inspira SRF 365

Augmentation SRM 345

Breast augmnetation and R Crescent lift, SRM 335 cc implants.

Before SRM 345After SRM 345Before SRM 345After SRM 345

Breast augmentation with Inspira SRF295

Breast augmentation with Inspira smooth round full profile 295 cc silicone implants.

After Inspira 295After Inspira 295Before InspiraBefore Inspira

Breast augmentation Inspira SRF 265

VECTRA 3D images before and after breast augmentation with Inspira Smooth Round Full profile implants.


Augmentation with Inspira 255/240

Patient with asymmetry and augmentation using Inspira moderate profile implants

Pre opVECTRA simpre op

Breast aug SRM275

Before SRM 275Before SRM 275VECTRA 3D sim 275 cc3D sim SRM 275

Breast aug 410 330cc

This patient has an oval base shape to the breasts and a short nipple-to-crease distance, so an oval base implant rather than round was selected.

Before 410After 410 330ccBefore 410After 410 330cc

Inspira extra full profile implants 445 cc

Patient of Dr. Baxter with Inspira extra full profile (SRX) silicone gel implants, 445 cc.

pre-op Inspirapost op Inspira 445pre-op Inspirapost op Inspira 445

Augmentation with Sientra 415 cc high profile

These VECTRA 3-D before and after images of Dr. Baxter's patient show breast augmentation with Sientra 415 cc high profile implants and a left crescent lift. 

Before Sientra 415Sientra 415 afterBefore Sientra 415Sientra 415 after

Breast augmentation asymmetry correction

VECTRA 3D analysis on this patient with asymmetry calculated a 20-30 cc volume difference, sp augmentation was done with Natrelle Style 15 implants, 265 cc on the Right and 286 cc on the left.

Before3D simAfteralt sim

Breast aug Sientra 305 cc

Before and after images and VECTRA 3D simulation of a breast augmentation using the split muscle technique with Sientra 305 cc moderate profile implants are shown in this patient of Richard A Baxter MD.

pre-op3D simulation 305 ccpost op 305MPpre-op

Breast augmentation with Sientra 405 cc implants

VECTRA 3-D before and after breast augmentation with Sientra 405 cc moderate profile silicone implants.

Before and After with VECTRASientra 405 with VECTRA

Breast augmentation asymmetry correction with Sientra implants and VECTRA 3D

Breast augmentation patient of Dr. Richard Baxter with correction of asymmetry using Sientra implants and VECTRA 3D simulation

Breast aug Sientra asymmetry correction

Sientra form-stable 370 cc

Sientra form-stableSientra form-stable

Breast Aug pt. 1

Natrelle Style 20 (high profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 400 cc.


Breast Aug pt. 2

Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 302 cc.


Breast Aug pt. 3

Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 397 cc.


Breast Aug pt. 4

Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) smooth round silicone gel implants, 421 cc.


Breast Aug pt. 5

Breast augmentation with smooth round saline implants. Split muscle technique, R. 310 cc, L. 330 cc.


Breast Aug pt. 6

Saline implants and left crescent lift, R 330 +20 cc, L 300 +20 cc, split muscle technique.


Breast augmentation with Sientra form-stable implants

This patient is shown before and 3 weeks after augmentation with Sientra form-stable ("gummy bear") 370 cc high-projecting implants.

Before3 weeks postBefore3 weeks post

with VECTRA 3D simulation

Before and After with VECTRA

Breast augmentation 370 form stable implants

This patient of Dr. Baxter had asymmetrical breasts and an oval base. She had augmentation using 370 cc oval base form-stable high profile Sientra implants. Images are VECTRA 3D.


335 full profile

before 335after 335 SRFbefore 335after 335 SRF

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