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Breast Lift (mastopexy)

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Photo Gallery, by Dr. Baxter

Vertical breast lift with saline implants

before liftafter vertical + implantsbefore breast liftafter vertical + implants

Benelli-Breast augmentation

Before Benelli liftAfter Benelli/augBefore Benelli liftBefore Benelli lift

Vertical breast lift with SRM 295 implants

Before vertical liftAfter vertical liftBefore vertical liftAfter vertical lift

Lift+Implants 300 SRLP

Standard breast lift with Inspira 300 cc low plus (SRLP) implants

Before lift + implantsAfter lift + implants

Breast lift with Gala internal bra

Standard breast lift with Galaflex internal bra for long term support

before breast lift6 wks after Gala brabefore breast lift6 wks post-op

Waterfall ptosis

Correction of waterfall ptosis with a breast lift and internal bra

waterfall ptosisafter internal bra lift

bottoming out repair

Repair of bottoming out with internal bra.

example bottoming outafter internal bra lift

Breast lift with GalaFLEX Internal Bra

This one-year follow up of a patient of Dr. Baxter shows good maintenance of fullness and projection of the breast using GalaFLEX internal bra with a standard breast lift.

Pre-op Breast liftInternal Bra 1 yearPre-op Breast obliqueInternal Bra Oblique

Breast Lift pt. 1

Standard pattern breast lift.


Breast Lift pt. 2

Standard pattern breast lift.


Vertical Breast Lift pt. 3

Vertical pattern breast lift.


Breast reduction and lift with Gala internal bra

VECTRA 3D images of a patient with breast asymmetry treated with a right breast reduction and left breast lift using a GalaFLEX internal bra.

Pre-op9 months post-op with GalaFLEX internal bra

Breast reduction and lift

Full breast lift and reduction.

before breast reductionBreast reduction afterBefore breast reductionBreast reduction after

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