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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover, by Dr. Baxter

Mommy Makeover with Gala internal bra

Full tummy tuck and standard breast lift with Gala internal bra

Before MMAfter MM with internal braBefore MMAfter MM with internal bra

MM with TT + breast lift with Gala internal bra

Mommy Makeover with full Tummy Tuck and Standard Breast Lift with Galaflex Internal Bra

Before MM6 weeks after MM

Mommy Makeover with SRM 310

Mommy makeover with full tummy tuck and breast aughmentation with Inspira SRM 310 cc implants

Before MMAfter MM

Mommy Makeover with Galaflex Internal Bra

Before and 6 months after pictures of a Mommy Makeover patient of Dr. Baxter, who had a full tummy tuck and a standard breast lift with Galaflex internal bra.

before mommy makeoverafter mommy makeoverbefore mommy makeoverafter mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover Internal Bra

This patient is shown before and 3 months after a full tummy tuck and a vertical pattern breast lift including a GalaFLEX internal bra.

before mommy makeoverMommy makeoverbefore mommy makeovermommy makeover

Mommy Makeover with Benelli breast lift

Mommy makeover with full tummy tuck and benelli breast lift and Sientra 370 cc implants.

Before MMAfter MMBefore MMAfter MM

Mommy Makeover pt. 1

45 year old mother of 2, prior appendectomy. Mommy makeover included a standard abdominoplasty, liposuction of hips & flanks, and breast augmentation with Natrelle Style 15 (moderate profile) silicone gel implants, 286 cc, split muscle method.


Mommy Makeover pt. 2

Mommy makeover with standard abdominoplasty and standard breast lift (mastopexy


Mommy Makeover with breast lift + tummy tuck

before MMafter aug/mastopexy

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