Breast augmentation in athletic women: update

While every woman considering breast implants needs to be fully informed about her options, there are specific issues for athletes, fitness models, trainers, and really any woman into fitness. Athletic women considering breast implants have several specific things to consider in order to achieve the look they want without compromising their lifestyle. The most important… Read More »

Waterfall ptosis and bottoming out: opposite problems with a similar solution

Lately we have been seeing more of a type of breast sagging that occurs after augmentation with implants, called waterfall ptosis (ptosis being the medical word for sagging; the “p” is silent.) It can happen years later, or sometimes earlier particularly when a breast lift is done at the same time as implant placement. Basically,… Read More »

Why Not Use the Split Muscle Technique for Breast Augmentation?

What’s different between the two techniques? Occasionally when I am explaining the split muscle technique and how it reduces animation deformity with breast implants under the muscle, the patient asks “If this is such a good method, why doesn’t everyone use it?” Implants are placed under the pectoral muscle for several reasons, including a smoother transition… Read More »

Over or under the muscle? The four options for breast augmentation and how to decide

Most breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, but the decision isn’t as simple as over or under: There are four variations including dual plane, split muscle, subfascial, and subglandular. Knowing the specifics of each of these will help you to make an informed decision.   The pectoral muscle is fan-shaped with the gathered end – the “handle”… Read More »

Update on the Split Muscle Technique for Breast Augmentation

The subpectoral technique [1] and systematic analysis of soft tissue characteristics [2] have resulted in a more predictable approach to breast implant surgery, yet certain problems receive scant attention. Among these problems are animation distortions and shape issues such as “double-bubble” deformity.   In 2004, I reported the split-muscle technique as an option that balances… Read More »

Exparel to extinguish pain after tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and mommy makeover

Possibly the biggest fear patients have about surgery is pain, but new products such as Exparel are making a huge difference. Exparel, a numbing agent that lasts up to 3 days, has become increasingly popular since its FDA approval in 2011, but many patients (and surgeons) are not yet aware of it. I routinely use… Read More »

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