Mother of the Bride Makeovers, Glamorous Grandmas, and Reunion Rejuvenation

Glamorous grandmas, mother of the bride makeovers, and reunion rejuvenations are how I describe three mini trends that I am seeing this year. Not that they are anything truly new, but patients seem increasingly straightforward about their motivations. Everyone, regardless of their age, wants to look their best, but sometimes events or circumstances provide the… Read More »

My “must have” skin care list

What really works in skin care? Recently I wrote the “mythbuster’s skin care glossary” focusing on the exaggerated claims that over-the-counter skin care products often make; now I want to talk about what really does work. It’s not especially complicated, but it takes some knowledge to know how to simplify your skin care regimen. (Sort… Read More »

A Myth Buster’s Skin Care Glossary

What ingredients really work in skin care? With sales of skin care creams in the range of $40 billion annually, finding just the right marketing buzz words is important. Overstate the benefits of your anti-aging product, and the FDA takes umbrage; understate the effectiveness and you lose market share. Combine “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical” and you… Read More »

JeNu: the “magic wand” for skin care?

As the Chief Medical Advisor to JeNu, the new ultrasound skin care system, I have to say that it sounds a bit unscientific to say JeNu is a magic wand, but that’s what early users are saying about it. The science is pretty nifty, and I believe it represents a true breakthrough by enhancing permeation of anti-aging… Read More »

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