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The Art Behind Plastic Surgery

“Dr. Baxter and his staff are AWESOME!”

Dr. Baxter and his staff are AWESOME! Dr. Baxter performed a tummy tuck and a breast lift with augmentation and my life has never been better since the surgery! I LOVE the results! Dr. Baxter did an amazing job. Everyday I look in the mirror at his "work of art" and am so thankful I found him!


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Dr. Baxter

January 23, 2019

Mind the gap: The Cleavage Conundrum

In this post Dr. Baxter explains how to get the best cleavage gap with breast augmentation. read more

Dr. Baxter

January 7, 2019

Botox options: What's in a brand?

This blog explains how to compare the different brands of neuromodulators competing with Botox. read more

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