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I am delighted to share that a chapter on AI in anti-aging skin care that I co-authored was just published in the book Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Longevity (Springer Nature, 2023). The chapter, titled Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Skin Anti-aging and Skin Resilience Research, was conceived by Anastasia Georgievskaya, whose company developed the skin age clock that we use in my longevity medicine practice. The editors of the book (Alexey Moskalev, Ilia Stambler, and Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine) and my chapter co-authors (Georievskaya, Daniil Danko, and Timur Tlyachev in Estonia and Hugo Corstjens in Belgium) are pretty heady company in the longevity science world and I am honored to have collaborated with such an esteemed group.


The expectation that AI will transform health care is hardly a secret now that ChatGPT has gone mainstream, but its applications in longevity medicine have been in development for several years. You are probably most familiar with ChatGPT’s ability to mimic human creativity at impressive speed, spinning out anything from poetry to pop music, but its ability to process immense data sets is what is most compelling for the fast-developing science of longevity.* AI is what powers epigenetic age clocks (like the TruDiagnostic test that we use), by looking at the record of gene transcription or suppression in the genome at sites related to aging. Far from the dystopian visions of a Matrix-like future, AI is guiding us towards longer and healthier lives.

Why I believe that AI is transforming plastic surgery, anti-aging, and the science of beauty and longevity


So why do I believe so strongly that you need to know what’s going on with AI and longevity now? You could read my free ebook Biohacking Longevity, but here’s the essence of it: With AI, we can objectively measure age-related changes in skin and tissue, and track the effects of what we are doing to slow or reverse those changes at a biologic level. AI is also discovering new products, supplements, drugs, and strategies for anti-aging. We are reversing aging, measurably and scientifically. This translates to healthier skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin. When it comes to anti-aging skin care, the future is now.


Disclosure: ChatGPT was used to edit this post for clarity but not for generation of content.


*See for example Insilico Medicine’s recent report on their aging clock capable of “processing diverse data sets and providing insights into biomarkers for aging, mapping them to genes relevant to both aging and disease, and discovering new therapeutic targets designed to slow or reverse both aging and aging-related diseases. The company calls the aging clock Precious1GPT, in a nod to the powerful “One Ring” in Lord of the Rings.”

In the study, a team of researchers used Precious1GPT trained on diverse data including RNA sequencing and epigenetics methylation for age prediction, and identified genes most relevant to both aging and diseases. The “multimodal transformer” was able to predict biological age and distinguish between disease and control samples. Scientists then fed the gene lists into Insilico’s AI target identification engine, PandaOmics, and discovered targets highly associated with both aging and four age-related diseases – idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s disease, and heart failure. They were then able to identify 2 targets for drug development that would address both a specific disease and aging itself!

Reference: Urban A, Sidorenko D, Zagirova D, Kozlova E, Kalashnikov A, Pushkov S, Naumov V, Sarkisova V, Leung GHD, Leung HW, Pun FW, Ozerov IV, Aliper A, Ren F, Zhavoronkov A. Precious1GPT: multimodal transformer-based transfer learning for aging clock development and feature importance analysis for aging and age-related disease target discovery. Aging (Albany NY). 2023 Jun 13;15(11):4649-4666. doi: 10.18632/aging.204788.


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