Vitamin A and JeNu in anti-aging skin care: the perfect couple

Retinoids, which are derivatives of Vitamin A, have been a mainstay in anti-aging skin care for decades. A less well-known fact is that there is only one form of vitamin A that is biologically active in skin care, and getting it to the right layer in the skin is the key; that’s where JeNu comes in.


Because of the popularity of retinoids, there is a multitude of products and widespread confusion about their role. Here’s a simple guide: Vitamin A is called retinol, and all derivatives in the vitamin A family are known as retinoids. Perhaps the most familiar is tretinoin, or Retin-A, originally marketed as an acne treatment. It was soon recognized that tretinoin was an effective anti-aging agent as well, and in fact all retinoids must be converted into tretinoin (also called retinoic acid) in order to have an effect in the skin. Tretinoin remains a prescription medication, and its use is limited by side-effects such as irritation.


So regardless of the actual active ingredient, it must be transported across the barrier layer of the skin (called the stratum corneum) and metabolized into retinoic acid. Once that happens, cells are activated to produce more collagen and elastin, resulting in healthier skin. But getting the molecule into the skin in sufficiently high concentrations without causing irritation is the challenge. JeNu, a home use device, has solved this problem by using ultrasound with skin care products containing patented microspheres which work together to drive the active ingredient deeper. At the right frequency and energy, coupled with microspheres of the right size and density, high concentrations of ingredients such as retinoids and moisturizers can be achieved in only a minute or two of application. Because of this enhanced transport into the skin, less irritating retinoids can be used that are then converted by natural processes into retinoic acid. This translates into visible results in a matter of days to weeks.


This unique feature of ultrasound technology represents a fundamental shift in skin care. For one, non-prescription forms of retinoids can be used. For another, it is a home use device and takes only a couple of minutes to do. It is really a platform technology, with the potential to accomplish the same thing with other active ingredients, many of which do not penetrate adequately for optimum effect.

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