Welcome back to the natural look with plastic surgery and injectables


Who hasn’t cringed at the sight of a celebrity (or a friend) with overdone fillers or obvious plastic surgery? If you believe the hype now circulating online, everyone is lining up to have their fillers dissolved, breast implants removed, and BBLs reversed. Courteney Cox, Kylie Jenner, Simon Cowell, and a long list of others have all gone public with their decision. I’m not convinced it is a major trend though. Here at Phase Plastic Surgery we have always emphasized the natural beauty look. If you don’t overdo it in the first place, you won’t have to make such a public spectacle of undoing it.

Natural beauty doesn’t have to mean accepting whatever your age or genetics give you. The pursuit of enhanced natural beauty can be healthy and normal, and there’s ample evidence that cosmetic plastic surgery when done well and for the right reasons improves quality of life. We do occasionally get a request for dissolving dermal fillers, and without question we are doing more breast implant removals than in years past. But we are still doing a lot of breast augmentations, and our injectables practice continues to grow.

How to achieve natural-appearing results

Perhaps because of the #NorthwestNatural vibe here in the Seattle area, we think a lot about what goes in to creating natural-appearing results. The number one rule is don’t overdo it. You can always add a bit more filler, but reversing it is not as quick and easy. Newer hyaluronic acid injectables such as Redensity and RHA from Revance give us a lot more flexibility in tailoring the product to the patient’s individual needs. Having the right elasticity, for example, helps the filler stretch and move with facial expression without distortion.


Rejuvenating skin with treatments like microneedling with exosomes (a naturally derived product from stem cells BTW) helps rebuild healthy skin from the inside out. Surgical options such as a lip lift procedure, which shortens the distance between the nose and the lip, can be a preferred alternative to lip plumpers in some patients.

We have always placed a special emphasis on natural results with facelifts. We do this by restoring volume where it has been diminished using fat grafts and SMAS techniques. The wind-tunnel look is a thing of the distant past. For breast implants, we consider the width, projection, and volume to match the dimensions of the patient’s breast and body.


True, this approach isn’t going to get us 30 million views on TikTok like #dissolvingfiller, but we can live with that.

Our technology & science meets your beauty.

Our expertise, coupled with science-based technologies and the latest in advanced techniques at PHASE Plastic Surgery, is how we continue to be the best surgical and non-surgical facility Seattle has to offer. We’re honored and excited to join you on your aesthetic journey toward looking and feeling your best. To get started, complete our consultation form, or call us at (425) 776-0880.