Peptides Pep Talk

Dr. Richard Baxter Why are peptides such a hot topic right now? It is almost easier to list what peptides don’t do than what they do. Peptides are used in advanced skin rejuvenation products (like OneSkin), nutritional supplements, and injectable formulations to promote healing and support immunity. Here at Phase Plastic Surgery and Longevity Clinic,… Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts After a Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a comprehensive cosmetic procedure that targets the bodily changes that occur after pregnancy,, or dramatic weight loss. These challenges can include excess abdominal skin, fatty tissue, and separatedabdominal muscles. The goal of your tummy tuck is to create a firm, flattened midsection and restore a more youthful waistline.  … Read More »

The next chapter in artificial intelligence for genuine beauty and longevity

I am delighted to share that a chapter on AI in anti-aging skin care that I co-authored was just published in the book Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Longevity (Springer Nature, 2023). The chapter, titled Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Skin Anti-aging and Skin Resilience Research, was conceived by Anastasia Georgievskaya, whose company developed the skin age clock that we use… Read More »

Welcome back to the natural look with plastic surgery and injectables

Who hasn’t cringed at the sight of a celebrity (or a friend) with overdone fillers or obvious plastic surgery? If you believe the hype now circulating online, everyone is lining up to have their fillers dissolved, breast implants removed, and BBLs reversed. Courteney Cox, Kylie Jenner, Simon Cowell, and a long list of others have… Read More »

Why ultrasound is indispensable in plastic surgery

Ultrasound technology has become integral to modern plastic surgery practice. We use it for noninvasive skin lifting (Ultherapy), screening silicone breast implants for silent rupture, and placement of TAP blocks to dramatically reduce discomfort after tummy tucks. Ultrasound is used to analyze problems with dermal fillers, measure skin thickness for evaluation of rejuvenation techniques, and… Read More »

Our technology & science meets your beauty.

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