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Cosmetic surgery has the incredible ability to transform how you look and feel about yourself. Even with careful planning and in-depth conversations about what to expect from surgery, envisioning the final results of your aesthetic procedure and conveying clear expectations for your surgery can be difficult without the help of visual aids.


At Phase Plastic Surgery, Dr. Richard Baxter utilizes the most advanced simulation imaging technology with Vectra 3D Imaging software. This high-resolution system allows patients to preview what they may expect as the results of their procedure before committing to their surgery. This essential stage in the decision-making process allows patients to virtually experience a variety of surgical options and decide on the treatment that best suits their personal goals and expectations.

What Is Vectra 3D Simulation Technology?

Created by Canfield Imaging Systems, the leading provider of clinical imaging systems, the Vectra 3D simulation technology was designed to help doctors provide better services to their patients. The software enables improved communication and clear information about the expected results of plastic surgery procedures. Patients no longer have to guess their results; they can see them and know.


The Vectra 3D camera captures a three-dimensional photograph of patients using multiple cameras. The highly advanced software takes a series of photos from several different vantage points. These images build a three-dimensional virtual replica of the patient, mirroring their current appearance. Then, the Sculptor 3D software allows Dr. Baxter to apply simulated sculpting tools that can alter the shape, size, and position of the targeted area. Depending on which procedure the patient is considering, facial features can be altered, breasts can be enhanced, and body contouring possibilities can be shaped to their desired appearance. Once the desired results are achieved, Dr. Baxter can fine-tune his treatment plan based on the results achieved through the simulation.

What to Expect from a Vectra 3D Simulation Session?

A Vectra 3D Imaging session is easy, quick, and insightful.


  • During the initial consultation, the patient is led to a private office where a series of pictures of the treatment area are taken using Vectra’s high-resolution cameras.
  • Baxter and the patients will review the images together. He’ll describe the anatomy, take note of the area of concern, explain procedure possibilities, and show expected results. Using the Sculptor 3D software, the patients can explore different looks and find the proportions that work best for their anatomy and lifestyle. Following this process, many patients feel more confident proceeding with their surgery and have better management of their expectations.
  • Lastly, Dr. Baxter will use the images to create a surgical plan.

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What Procedures Can Be Previewed Using Vectra 3D Imaging?

Vectra 3D imaging can preview the possible results for nearly all facial, breast, and body procedures.



Have you ever been interested in knowing what your face could look like without the bump on the bridge of your nose, or how a straight nose might complement your facial features? Vectra 3D Imaging can show you exactly how a rhinoplasty procedure can change not only the shape of your nose but how the procedure will affect your entire aesthetic appearance.


Breast Augmentation

Many people don’t realize the multiple decisions that go into breast augmentation. Patients have to choose between the type of breast implants they would like to use to enlarge their breasts, as well as what size is best to achieve their desired results while maintaining proportions with the rest of their features. Vectra 3D Simulation allows patients to try on different types, sizes, and shaped breast implants to make informed decisions that instill confidence in their choices.


Breast Lift

Just as Vectra 3D Simulations can enlarge the breasts, the Sculptor 3D software allows Dr. Baxter to lift and reshape the breasts to preview what they will look like after a breast lift procedure. Previewing their possible breast lift results allows the patients to decide how much lifting is necessary to achieve their desired outcomes.



Many patients who want to permanently address wrinkles, fine lines, and facial sagging are hesitant to commit to a facelift procedure because they’re unsure how the results will alter their facial characteristics. Dr. Baxter can use the Vectra 3D simulation software to show his patients exactly how a facelift will address their concerns and refine their appearance.



Curious to know what your face, arms, abdomen, legs, or waist would look like without that stubborn extra fat? Vectra 3D Simulation can show you what to expect from a liposuction procedure, contouring the targeted area so that you can see how liposuction can transform your physique.



The Vectra 3D simulation shows where Dr. Baxter will focus his attention during abdominoplasty and how tightening loose skin, repairing abdominal muscles, and removing excess fat can help you achieve a smooth, toned stomach.

How Realistic Are the Results of Vectra 3D Imaging?

The final surgical results after recovery are very close to what the Vectra 3D Simulation predicts because it’s images of each patient’s individual body that are altered during the simulation rather than a random model or artificial image. Most patients are impressed and pleased with the similarities between the physical outcomes and the digitally altered photos.

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