Richard Baxter, MD

Meet Richard A. Baxter, MD | Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Born and raised in southern California, Dr. Baxter’s decision to change from studying art to medicine ultimately shaped his passion for plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. After completing medical school in San Diego, Dr. Baxter fell in love with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and has never left since. Dr. Baxter continued using his medical and aesthetic services training and created a boutique private surgical practice in Seattle, becoming one of Seattle’s most well-known plastic surgeons. Dr. Baxter is known for his revision procedures, internal bra technique, and longevity medicine.

Before his medical education, Dr. Baxter was formally trained in art, bringing his keen artistic vision and creative problem-solving skills to improve plastic surgery procedures. Through his figure drawing studies, Dr. Baxter understands the importance of producing proportions and accentuating curves to create a balanced figure.

Education and Training

Throughout his career as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Baxter has become an award-winning author and clinical researcher, publishing peer-reviewed articles on breast implants, the use of the subfascial technique for breast augmentation, the split muscle technique for correction and prevention of animation deformity, and the first proof-of-concept article on the use of Acellular Dermal Matrix internal bra. He was also voted “Western Washington’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon” and elected by his peers to be on the “Guide to America’s Top Physicians.”


He is a former clinical faculty member of the University of Washington School of Medicine and a former president of the Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons. He was the founding medical director of Calidora Skin Clinics years before “Med Spa” became a household word. His involvement in research continues as he seeks better surgical solutions and ways to improve patient experiences while maintaining his busy practice.

Medical Training & Residency

Licenses and Certifications

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When not in the operating room or teaching at a medical conference, Dr. Baxter can be found working on his Argentine tango or in the art studio drawing from the live model. His drawings appear in the background throughout the website.


In college, I was an art major with a science aptitude. When I was doing my plastic surgery residency, it seemed to me that aesthetics was considered less important, but I believed otherwise. I saw aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery as an opportunity to make a difference in my patient’s lives. It also allowed me to blend my background in art with my education in medicine, which in turn provided creative problem-solving skills and a drive to find better methods.

My intention is to provide state-of-the-art care, both in terms of techniques and technology. I find ways to relate with my patients to establish trust and approach each procedure as a personalized and collaborative process.

We have our own licensed and accredited ambulatory surgical facility on site to provide the highest level of safety, privacy, and comfort for our surgery patients.


We are also at the forefront of new techniques and technologies, including the internal bra and ultrasound evaluations for breast implants. We were among the first practices to implement Exparel long-acting local anesthetic to help keep our patients comfortable during the first couple of days after their surgery. We use TAP block with tummy tucks to dramatically reduce post-operative discomfort and progressive tension sutures to help create long-lasting results. For our breast augmentation patients, we use the split muscle technique to correct and prevent animation deformity with breast implants.

Yes, one of our passions at Phase Plastic Surgery is regenerative medicine. We offer long-lasting botulinum toxin Daxxify®, an alternative to Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin. We also offer customized injectable fillers and a wide variety of skin rejuvenation treatments from laser skin resurfacing and PRP or exosome microneedling sessions to longevity medicine and custom skin care consultation.

Our staff is constantly growing to provide better support and experiences for our customers. The staff includes two highly skilled nurse injectors, superb anesthesia providers, and really a whole team of wonderfully talented people.

Patients will spend some time with me and our clinical staff answering last-minute questions and reviewing the plan on the day of their surgery. Preparations for a smooth and comfortable experience begin with a program called ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), which has been proven to reduce stress, minimize post-operative discomfort, and easy emergence from anesthesia. Before your surgery, you will meet with me, your anesthesia provider, and our nursing staff.

Think about what specific goals you would like to achieve rather than focusing on a specific procedure.

Our technology & science meets your beauty.

Our expertise, coupled with science-based technologies and the latest in advanced techniques at PHASE Plastic Surgery, is how we continue to be the best surgical and non-surgical facility Seattle has to offer. We’re honored and excited to join you on your aesthetic journey toward looking and feeling your best. To get started, complete our consultation form, or call us at (425) 776-0880.