Indications and practical applications of high-profile breast implants

[note: This was the first peer-reviewed article on high profile implants. In 2004, most implants were saline, but the same principles apply to silicone gel implants.]

Richard A. Baxter, MD

Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2004 24: 24-27.


Background: High-profile round saline breast implants that permit a better match of implant diameter to the base diameter of the breast are now available.

Objective: The advantages and disadvantages of high-profile breast implants are defined from the point of view of the author's initial experience.

Methods: The maximal optimal breast implant was determined on the basis of preoperative measurements, with emphasis on breast base diameter. Patients selected implant size using trial implants in a bra of the desired cup size. The implant profile with the best match to breast base diameter at the selected size range was used.

Results: Sixty-seven patients, of a total of 164 patients who received saline breast implants during a 14-month period, received high-profile breast implants.

Conclusions: High-profile saline implants provide a useful option for the patient who desires an implant size that exceeds the natural breast base diameter in standard profiles. Rippling may be diminished in these cases. A more conical shape may be achieved in cases of periareolar mastopexy with augmentation. Disadvantages of the high-profile design include less mobility of the implant and a less obtuse transition from the chest to the upper breast compared with results achieved with standard round implants.