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Even with the most advanced technology and precise skills, complications or undesired outcomes can arise from a breast augmentation procedure, leading patients to pursue a revision breast surgery. Breast implant revision, or breast augmentation revision, can help women dissatisfied with their previous breast implant procedure by correcting complications or undesired results stemming from their previous surgery. 


At PHASE Plastic Surgery near Seattle, WA, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Baxter can perform your revision breast surgery to address your concerns and provide beautiful, natural-looking results that boost your self-confidence for years to come. Dr. Baxter specializes in revision breast surgery, pioneering techniques such as the internal bra and split muscle to correct animation deformity. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Baxter’s techniques, he offers detailed publications surrounding his approach to breast revision surgery.


World-class plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Brown is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  His goal with all surgery is to achieve a natural result and avoid the excessively over-operated look. Dr. Baxter and Dr. Brown’s advanced knowledge of techniques, technology, and unique approach allows them to fully commit to helping you attain your ultimate breast revision surgery goals.


At PHASE Plastic Surgery, most, if not all, problems from a prior procedure can be solved. Find out how the surgeons at PHASE Plastic Surgery in Seattle can help you achieve the results you desire by contacting us today! Our practice is located in Seattle, WA, just outside the hustle of the city, and we proudly offer our services to visitors from all over the state. 

What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

Millions of women worldwide are unhappy with the appearance of their natural breasts, which ultimately leads them to have breast augmentation surgery to achieve fuller breasts that are better proportioned to their body frame. A breast augmentation procedure boosts a woman’s self-esteem and can make them feel more youthful and feminine. However, some women find that their original breast augmentation procedure is not yielding the results they hoped for, and others are affected by complications. Breast revision surgery is a procedure for patients who would like to change the aesthetic of the prior breast augmentation or address complications.

Reasons To Pursue Revision Breast Surgery

Some common reasons that women pursue a revision breast surgery include:

During your initial breast revision surgery consultation, our surgeons will discuss all aspects of breast revision surgery, your desired goals, results, and whether breast revision surgery is the right choice for you. At your consultation, we will determine the causes of the issue requiring revision, develop a plan that addresses the problem, and explain the possible results that can be achieved.

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Revision Breast Surgery Procedure Details

Before undergoing breast revision surgery, your surgeon will prepare you for a smooth and comfortable experience a few days before your surgery with the help of the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) program. ERAS has been proven to reduce stress, minimize post-operative discomfort, and allow for easy emergence from anesthesia. Before surgery, you will meet with your surgeon, the anesthesia provider, and the nursing staff.


Your surgeon will carefully craft your procedure according to your unique needs and goals. Most often, your surgeon will go in through the same incision used during your initial breast augmentation. Our surgeons take great care to create results that meet your expectations, look natural, and provide long-lasting satisfaction.


Breast revision surgery usually requires a few hours to complete, but this period largely depends on the extent of your procedure. Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. We perform all breast revision surgeries at a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center near Seattle, equipped and staffed with the highest standard of medical care equipment and an expert team.

Breast Revision Surgery Recovery

The recovery process for revision breast surgery may differ from your initial breast augmentation procedure. Implant removal and replacement usually result in mild discomfort, bruising, and swelling lasting up to two weeks, while recovery may be longer for more complex procedures such as muscle reattachment for correction of animation deformity or placement of an internal bra for implant support. Patients will likely be placed in a post-surgery bra to help provide added support during recovery.

Breast revision patients will be given specific advice as to when to resume participating in strenuous activities. This will vary depending upon the procedure, but is usually at least several weeks.

Many breast revision patients can resume normal daily activities, such as showering, walking, cooking, light cleaning, and working sedentary jobs within a few days after their procedure, if recommended by their surgeon

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Discover personalized and transformative aesthetics with our expert plastic surgeons, who combine artistry and scientific aptitude to make a difference. PHASE Plastic Surgery and Longevity Institute offers a personalized and collaborative approach, state-of-the-art care, and an on-site, accredited ambulatory surgery facility.  Schedule a consultation today and embark on a journey towards natural beauty and personal enhancement!

Why Choose PHASE Plastic Surgery for Revision Breast Surgery?

At PHASE Plastic Surgery, we strive to always be at the forefront of new techniques and technologies. For breast revision procedures, we offer the internal bra for added protection and support, ultrasound evaluations of breast implants to help pinpoint complications, Exparel long-acting local anesthetic to keep patients more comfortable during their recovery, and correction of deformities related to under muscle placement by re-attaching the muscle. Vectra 3D imaging is sometimes used so patients can see the potential results of their breast revision surgery.


As masters in developing patient connections, Dr. Baxter and Dr. Brown prioritize spending time with patients and allowing them to get fully acquainted with clinical staff, who will be involved on the day of their surgery and throughout their post-operative care. Our surgeons believe that by getting to know their patients, this solid foundation helps ensure continuity and creates a more personalized care plan.

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If you’re unhappy with the results of your breast enhancement surgery or you are experiencing complications from a previous breast enhancement procedure, PHASE Plastic Surgery offers expert opinions and unique skills to help you achieve your ultimate goals.


To schedule a breast revision surgery consultation and speak with a caring staff member at PHASE Plastic Surgery, call our office at (425) 776-0880 or complete our online consultation form. Dr. Baxter, Dr. Brown, and their incredible team strive to provide every patient with results that look and feel natural and conform to their initial goals.

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