Next generation anti-aging skin care is here!

We are thrilled to announce that Emepelle, for post-menopausal skin, and OS-01, scientifically documented to restore aging skin at a molecular level, are here now! Even better, my patients can order them at an exclusive price including free delivery. Both of these products are first in class, developed with state of the art biomedical science, and proven effective. Call the office for details on ordering Emepelle, as we are prohibited from publishing this amazing offer. Order OS-01 here now!

Why retinoids are so last-century

It has been a long time since a truly new and effective anti-aging skin treatment has been developed; not since the last century, the way I see it. Now in quick succession we have two! For a long time, retinoids (tretinoin, retinol) have been the mainstay. But these are well-known to provoke a degree of irritation, and the accelerated cell turnover they stimulate may contribute to an eventual state of cell exhaustion. OS-01, from OneSkin, avoids this with a more targeted approach: it uses a proprietary peptide molecule to eliminate senescent or “zombie” cells. Identification of these cells, and the role they play in aging represents a major breakthrough in anti-aging science over the past few decades. OS-01 is the one product that everyone should be using, regardless of their age.


Emepelle, as many of you already know, also has a specific effect that other products can’t come close to. By activating dormant estrogen receptors in post-menopausal skin, Emepelle works to reverse the rapid aging that occurs, manifested by thinning skin, weaker collagen, and less moisture retention. We have had it in the office for about a year now, and our patients love it! Now you can replenish your supply with a few clicks, and save a few $$ in the process.

Proving anti-aging effectiveness: the skin age clock

About the same time we introduced Emepelle last year, I also gained access to a skin age clock program, which uses advanced artificial intelligence to accurate determine the biological age of your skin – from a selfie! Biological age clocks are another major development in anti-aging science over the past few years. What’s the big deal? Because the program objectively measures the biological age of the skin, it can track whether or not a treatment is really working. Look at any ad for an “anti-aging” product – all they can usually say is something like “temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines” or something similarly meaningless. So send me a selfie, try these products, and after a few months we will prove that they work.

To learn more about the new science of anti-aging, download my free ebook Biohacking Longevity here.

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