Plastic surgery trends 2018-19

Here in Seattle and the Northwest, trends in plastic surgery reflect our appreciation of all that is natural. At the same time, our regional economy is based on tech and innovation, so our patients are progressive thinkers. Here is what my staff and I have observed, in an unscientific look at trends this past year and what we see coming in 2019:

  • Patients continue to have a high interest in nonsurgical options such as Ultherapy, especially for facial rejuvenation. To some extent this is based on the desire to maintain a natural look and avoid the “surgical” and not look “done.” However, often times the eventual result will look more balanced by a well done facelift, and fillers can be very easily overdone.
  • Patients are better informed. With more and better online resources available, especially from sites such as Seattle-based RealSelf, prospective patients are asking specific questions about their options. An example is the Keller funnel for breast implant placement, and detailed information about different implant profiles.
  • More women are requesting implant removal or downsizing. According to our Patient Care Coordinator Lori, this is often women in their 50’s, due to weight changes, menopause, or just wanting a different look; kind of like a “been there done that” sort of mentality.
  • There is less stigma to having “a little work done.” While the natural look is still favored, patients are more open about discussing plastic surgery. They are more willing to consent for posting their before and after pictures, often posting themselves on social media platforms.
  • In 2019 we will see continuing innovation in nonsurgical procedures especially for body contouring. We have been involved in a lot of clinical trial work here, and value new ideas more than most practices, but as more technologies and techniques appear in the marketplace, it will be more important than ever for patients to be savvy in researching their options.

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