Dr. Megan Dreveskracht is a top Female Plastic Surgeon in Seattle, Washington. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing in the Seattle area since 2016. She has built her reputation on her relatability and her ability to connect with patients on both a personal and professional level. Dr. Megan knows there is no bigger investment than in yourself. Through individualized planning and natural surgical results, Dr. Megan's goal is to give each and every patient the confidence they deserve in order to live their best lives.

Dr. Megan, a native Washingtonian, received her schooling all over the country before returning to her home State. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Wesleyan University in 2006. She then attended Tulane University School of Medicine, the Alma Mater of her late father, where she graduated at the top of her class, obtaining her Medical Degree and selection into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society. Dr. Megan went on to complete a competitive 6-year Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at Southern Illinois University, where she received a rigorous surgical education in all aspects of Plastic Surgery ranging from pediatric craniofacial surgery to upper extremity surgery. During her time in training, she wrote multiple publications that appeared in prestigious journals such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery -- the number one Plastic Surgery journal-- and Clinics in Plastic Surgery.

She has been practicing in the South Seattle area since 2016, and in July of 2021 she joined Dr. Richard Baxter and the Phase Plastic Surgery team. She lives in West Seattle with her husband, 3 pets and daughter. When she is not caring for her patients, Dr. Megan spends her time running, biking, hiking and enjoying time with her family.

"I believe what my patient's value most about their experience with me is how easily we can connect on a personal level and relate to one another. I listen. I explain things in a palatable, easy-to-understand way. And I take the time to learn about my patient's lives. As a busy, working mom who also prioritizes health and fitness, many of the struggles my patients seek my help for are those I also share. It is through our ability to connect that we create a bond that surpasses any single procedure or appointment. I am proudly part of a new generation of Female Plastic Surgeons who prove that you can be warm, compassionate, friendly while also professional, meticulous and respected." 

Learn more about Dr. Megan's work, testimonials and expertise here. We are proud to have her as the newest member of our Phase Plastic Surgery family.

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Bachelor Arts (Chemistry)
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Doctor of Medicine
Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA

Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Southern Illinois University, Springfield, IL 

Board Certifications

American Board of Plastic Surgery; 2018-Present

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Client Reviews

My results are better than I was hoping for. She was very informative, let me know what to expect and told me exactly what she was planning to do during surgery. What I started out with was not typical but what she has done is more than I was hoping for. I am beyond pleased with the results.
JR, Lynnwood
Dr Megan is amazing. I never felt rushed during my consultations or my post-op appointments. I had a breast reduction in Sept 2020 and then had a drainless tummy tuck, liposuction, and muscle repair in April 2021. These surgeries were all performed at her surgical suite and I went home the same day. With my tummy tuck, I had a reaction to the blood thinner and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. Dr Megan came and saw me every day and, because of the blood thinner issue, I needed drains. Dr Megan was the surgeon for this, too. I highly recommend Dr Megan for any plastic surgery anyone needs.
NanaCat; RealSelf User
I’ve had a number of procedures done by Dr. Megan and have been very pleased with all of them! She not only has refined surgical skills but also a talent for the artistry involved in providing a beautiful outcome. I will continue to see her for all of my future procedures.
LeeStrang; RealSelf User
I absolutely love what Megan Dreveskracht’s did for me. Not only did she listen to me but she was honest and very informative. I love my results, and couldn’t be happier. I love the way I look and This is the most confident I have ever felt in my body. She truly worked her magic and gave me that hour glass shape I couldn’t achieve my self
aaaaansjs; RealSelf User
Dr. Megan far exceeded my expectations. She is extremely caring, talented, educated, and attentive. I am so thankful for her, she truly changed my life in the best way possible! I feel great knowing I 100% chose the right surgeon for my procedure.
Tayschweitz22; RealSelf User
I would recommend Dr Megan and her team to anyone and everyone. She is kind, knowledgeable and LISTENS to what you want. I was so nervous for my consultation but instantly felt comfortable from there on out from the pre op to surgery to post op. From the second you get in the room you feel like she’s your friend and you can open up to her. She explains everything to you so well you barely even need to ask questions. If I ever get any other operations done Dr Megan will be my go to. She is warm, inviting and down to earth. I never felt pressured into anything and I could not be happier with my results. The confidence it has brought me is amazing! Highly recommend!!!
alb1313; RealSelf User
In my research I met with 10+ doctors over the course of almost two years for consultations for my breast lift and breast augmentation. I met with two female surgeons and while it wasn’t a goal to have a female surgeon, it turned into to be the best choice for so many reasons. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Dreveskracht was because when I told her my goals and what has happened 13 years prior in my first augmentation; she said “no man should ever tell a woman how bug her breasts should be”. Back in 2007 at age 19, I got saline implants from a place called the Avalon Clinic here in Washington state (they’re now out of business). I had a terrible experience. Starting with my surgeon pressuring me to go so much bigger than I felt comfortable. I was 135lbs, 5’5” and he really pushed the whole “go big or go home” mentality and I ended up with 550cc, overfilled to 620cc saline implants under the muscle. During a very routine workout (3 months post op) my right implant ruptured. This was on a Wednesday and I was able to schedule surgery that upcoming Friday and I just told them to remove both. I hated the size. I hated how they looked. I hated the loss of functionality I had. I hated my implants. So fast forward 13 years, my boobs were so ruined by that situation and fluctuating weight loss and gain. They were deflated, saggy, such a mess. I have always wanted to get implants again, but I was so traumatized by that first experience. When I found Dr. Megan Dreveskracht I felt so seen and heard and listened to. I told her what I wanted to achieve aesthetically, but also was able to express how badly I want to maintain my lifestyle in the gym and be able to lift heavy weights and do HIIT cardio still. Friday, July 31, I had a full anchor lift + 400cc silicone under the muscle implants. My current stats are 5’5”, 150lbs. I’m still very early in healing stages, very swollen still, but I am so happy with the results. Dr. Dreveskracht treats every patient uniquely and performs your procedure according to YOUR goals.
Joannec829; RealSelf User
The thing I appreciate most about Dr. Megan is her willingness to listen, and to create outcomes that match the desires of her patients. Especially with top surgery, I think everyone wants really different results, and I am grateful she was willing to hear me out and go in the direction I was hoping.
Healthgrades; Jan 17, 2020
Everything was amazing, the staff was all kind and understanding with my anxiety condition and made the experience the best it could have been. My surgery results were better than I could of ever dreamed of, my top surgery experience was amazing! I truly cannot say how amazing the staff all was for my surgery experience!
Healthgrades; Dec 12, 2019
From the start of my first appointment everyone was more than willing to help with such compassion. Between the nurses i worked with and my Dr. Dreveskracht they were all incredible. My results of procedure turned out even better than i could have imagined. The natural look and feel of the implants is amazing, they look so real. They are perfectly symmetrical too. I feel so confident in the team behind my surgery, they all did amazing. I love them, Dr. Dreveskracht exceeded my expectation and I would recommend her every time.
Vitals; March 29th, 2021
Dr. Dreveskracht did a great job listening to what I wanted done, and her staff have been nothing but gold. Going into surgery, the team exuded competence, caring, and a warm sense of humor. Check-ins have been regular, and Dr. Dreveskracht made sure I was able to contact her in case of emergency. My healing has been fast and uncomplicated, and results are everything I could have asked for!
Vitals; March 22nd, 2018