Diversionary tactics: How to keep your plastic surgery discreet

Whether it’s a facelift, mommy makeover, or a dab of Botox or Juvederm, people are more open about having “a little work done” than they used to be. But there are still those who feel the need to share only with friends and co-workers on their own terms and not have it broadcasted through the gossip grapevine. Unfortunately, in the era of social media and oversharing, you can’t always count on others to be discreet and respect your privacy. So is there a middle ground?


You will be helped by choosing a plastic surgeon who emphasizes a natural look. There are specific techniques that can be employed to this end, such as emphasizing volume correction more than pulling with facelifts. But there are always trade-offs: If the result is too subtle, it may not be worth it, but no one wants the overdone look either. You should return from your “vacation” appearing rested and refreshed, not stretched and spackled.


Here’s my advice: First, you need a good cover story. This shouldn’t be an outright lie, but if the story includes some spa services then right away there is something to explain the rested appearance. Second, like a good stage magician, you need a diversionary tactic to conceal your surgeon’s sleight of hand. For women, a change of hair color and style works magnificently for this. Amazing how a new hairdo can improve one’s appearance! (Just be sure to coordinate the timing of hair coloring and treatment with your surgeon; you may want to have it done just before surgery since the dyes can sometimes irritate freshly healing areas.) New makeup helps too, which you may want anyway if you need to conceal some residual bruising. And for those who know your leave was “medical” and feel the need to pry, there is always the benign explanation of some “female surgery” which is technically correct for anyone with two X chromosomes, regardless of the actual procedure. Sure, it’s a stretch, and I don’t suggest that you use it routinely, but it’s there just in case.


Fortunately, aesthetic procedures are getting less invasive and more sophisticated, yielding faster recovery and more natural appearing results. There are still no shortcuts however, so the smart consumer is an educated consumer. And more people than ever take a positive view of plastic surgery.

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