Sientra Breast Implant Bankruptcy—What We Know & What It Means for Our Patients


You may have heard about the recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing by Sientra on February 12, 2024. Sientra is one of three breast implant manufacturers with approved implants in the US. If you currently have Sientra implants or are scheduled to have breast augmentation surgery, you likely have questions, especially about how this situation may impact your warranty coverage going forward.

Here’s What We Know Now and What We Believe


While all three breast implant companies have a lifetime replacement policy that covers implant rupture, Sientra has offered the best warranty in terms of additional coverage for costs associated with replacement surgery. Sientra has announced they intend to continue selling implants and to support the warranty while the sale of the company is anticipated.


I believe that this policy will continue under the new ownership; however, no announcements have been made as to who the new owners might be. The reason I believe this is because no one would buy an implant company and drop the existing warranty because no one would choose those implants.


I also believe that their bankruptcy filing has nothing to do with any problems related to the implants. Rather, I believe their financial situation is due to external conditions that have made it challenging for smaller companies to stay competitive.

Though I don’t have a crystal ball, I do expect Sientra implants to be around for the long term and for our patients’ coverage to go unaffected.

Update on Sientra Bankruptcy


We have been following the developments with breast implant manufacturer Sientra, which went into bankruptcy in February. Our primary concern is whether there will be support for the lifetime warranty on the implants if the company is no longer in a position fulfill their obligation for a future claim. In April they announced that the business was sold to Tiger Aesthetics Medical, a holding company with a focus on regenerative tissue products. Reportedly the sale includes cure costs for all the Company’s warranties for breast implants sold prior to the closing date. What comes next is anyone’s guess.

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