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before and after cheek augmentation male patient front view
Cheek Implant Results By Dr. Brown

When used for the right conditions, facial implants can create balanced and proportionate facial features. Patients, who are good candidates, usually have a recessive chin or relatively flat cheekbones and are looking for a natural-appearing improvement rather than exaggerated perfection.


Several types of implant materials are used, but the most common is a solid form of silicone. The implants are placed directly over the bone so that they feel and look like natural high cheekbones or a sculpted chin.


The keys to creating natural results are our surgeon’s ability to customize the operation to meet each patient’s specific needs, a deep understanding of the aging process, and advanced surgical techniques such as regenerative fat grafting. Contact us today to schedule your cheek augmentation at PHASE Plastic Surgery today. Our office is located in Northern Seattle, just outside the hustle of the city, for easy, convenient access.

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