JeNu: the “magic wand” for skin care?

As the Chief Medical Advisor to JeNu, the new ultrasound skin care system, I have to say that it sounds a bit unscientific to say JeNu is a magic wand, but that’s what early users are saying about it. The science is pretty nifty, and I believe it represents a true breakthrough by enhancing permeation of anti-aging ingredients into the skin by as much as a factor of 12!


Why is this such a big deal? If you think about it, the outer layer of the skin is a barrier comprised of dead cells (called the stratum corneum.) No matter how miraculous the product, in order to have a meaningful effect it has to reach the living cells that continually regenerate the skin in deeper layers. The idea of using ultrasound to facilitate better permeation of skin care products has been around for a while, but the scientists at JeNu hit on the key: ultrasound at specific frequencies and energies, coupled with microspheres of the right size and density in the product. These Procell Microspheres™ oscillate in response to the ultrasound, opening up the spaces between the outer cells and helping the products get into where they need to be.  JeNu’s active-youth™ eye treatment infuses vitamins A and C, peptides, and the moisturizer hyaluronic acid.


Here’s the proof: Using scientific measurements in clinical studies, hydration in the skin improved 75% in only a week, and 92% after 2 weeks. Digital image analysis showed that fine wrinkles around the eyes diminished by 45% in 2 weeks, all this with a single daily use requiring only a few minutes. So whether or not JeNu is a magic wand, it is certainly more science than fiction.

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