Will a facelift help you to live longer?

Would you believe that people who have facelifts live longer on average than those who don’t? We’ve long categorized plastic surgery as “anti-aging” but there’s some evidence that it actually contributes to longevity. I came across this curious relationship when I was doing a deep dive into anti-aging and longevity medicine last year, and remembered… Read More »

What Does a Facelift Procedure Include?

Here is an interesting fact about facelifts: they almost always include a neck lift, but not always a forehead lift. It’s almost as though someone decided that the neck was part of the face but not the forehead! To be clear, a brow lift (same as a forehead lift) can be done at the same… Read More »

How to maintain the results of a facelift

People often ask “how long does a facelift last?” and the answer depends on a lot of factors. A facelift can “set back the clock” but doesn’t stop the effects of time, and the things that led to the need for a facelift in the first place don’t stop. Cumulative sun damage, hormonal changes due… Read More »

Mythbusting: Latisse, breast implants, liposuction, weekend facelift

It’s interesting to me how certain perceptions regarding plastic surgery and related procedures persist despite ample evidence to the contrary. Take the eyelash growing product Latisse for example. I was discussing it with a patient last week, and her first question was: “Isn’t that the thing that changes your eye color?” Her confusion is understandable in one sense,… Read More »

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