Peptides Pep Talk

Dr. Richard Baxter Why are peptides such a hot topic right now? It is almost easier to list what peptides don’t do than what they do. Peptides are used in advanced skin rejuvenation products (like OneSkin), nutritional supplements, and injectable formulations to promote healing and support immunity. Here at Phase Plastic Surgery and Longevity Clinic,… Read More »

Anti-aging supplements: what works

  Do anti-aging supplements work? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer, but there’s increasing evidence that some of them do, and many do not. The problem is measuring the results, especially if you are a stickler about what anti-aging means. It certainly isn’t practical to use life span as an endpoint in clinical… Read More »

2021 Top Ten stories in anti-aging longevity medicine

While headlines in biotech this year were dominated by the seemingly neverending pandemic, it’s also been a big year in anti-aging and longevity science. In no particular order, here is my top ten list of favorites: 1. Plant-derived photo-curable human collagen CollPlant Biotechnologies, a company developing technologies and products for tissue regeneration, published results of… Read More »

Next generation anti-aging skin care is here!

We are thrilled to announce that Emepelle, for post-menopausal skin, and OS-01, scientifically documented to restore aging skin at a molecular level, are here now! Even better, my patients can order them at an exclusive price including free delivery. Both of these products are first in class, developed with state of the art biomedical science,… Read More »

Move over, anti-aging: de-aging” is where it’s at

When did anti-aging become a sensitive subject? “For Skin-Care Brands, It’s Not Anti-Aging Anymore. It’s Pro-Aging” proclaimed a recent article on the beauty business. Apparently the smart companies are pivoting toward the 50+ consumer, just don’t call it anti-aging. Isabella Rossellini, released as the face of Lancôme when she turned 40, was brought back at age 63… Read More »

Oscars and the anti-aging effect of beauty and success

Winning an Academy Award brings more than fame: Oscar winners live longer.  Another interesting fact is that attractive people also have longer lives. With 85-year old director Clint Eastwood in the running this year with American Sniper, I got to wondering if the same effect applies with people who have plastic surgery to look younger (recall Dirty… Read More »

Mother of the Bride Makeovers, Glamorous Grandmas, and Reunion Rejuvenation

Glamorous grandmas, mother of the bride makeovers, and reunion rejuvenations are how I describe three mini trends that I am seeing this year. Not that they are anything truly new, but patients seem increasingly straightforward about their motivations. Everyone, regardless of their age, wants to look their best, but sometimes events or circumstances provide the… Read More »

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