Next generation anti-aging skin care is here!

We are thrilled to announce that Emepelle, for post-menopausal skin, and OS-01, scientifically documented to restore aging skin at a molecular level, are here now! Even better, my patients can order them at an exclusive price including free delivery. Both of these products are first in class, developed with state of the art biomedical science,… Read More »

Your skin is being attacked by zombies. How to fight back

This is for real: anti-aging research has revealed that as cells in your body get old or accumulate damage, they often fall into a zombie-like state called senescence. These “zombie” cells are bad news: they’re not quite dead and not quite alive, but they do create a lot of inflammation and accelerate aging. Finding ways… Read More »

Mother of the Bride Makeovers, Glamorous Grandmas, and Reunion Rejuvenation

Glamorous grandmas, mother of the bride makeovers, and reunion rejuvenations are how I describe three mini trends that I am seeing this year. Not that they are anything truly new, but patients seem increasingly straightforward about their motivations. Everyone, regardless of their age, wants to look their best, but sometimes events or circumstances provide the… Read More »

Our technology & science meets your beauty.

Our expertise, coupled with science-based technologies and the latest in advanced techniques at PHASE Plastic Surgery, is how we continue to be the best surgical and non-surgical facility Seattle has to offer. We’re honored and excited to join you on your aesthetic journey toward looking and feeling your best. To get started, complete our consultation form, or call us at (425) 776-0880.