The next chapter in artificial intelligence for genuine beauty and longevity

I am delighted to share that a chapter on AI in anti-aging skin care that I co-authored was just published in the book Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Longevity (Springer Nature, 2023). The chapter, titled Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Skin Anti-aging and Skin Resilience Research, was conceived by Anastasia Georgievskaya, whose company developed the skin age clock that we use… Read More »

Acellular Dermal Matrix in breast surgery: Proof of concept

In 2003 I published a series of 10 cases using Alloderm in revision breast implant surgery in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. In addition to showing how Acellular Dermal Matrix (Alloderm was the only ADM at the time) could be used in a variety of cases such as symmastia and bottoming out, I was able to… Read More »

Update on the Split Muscle Technique for Breast Augmentation

The subpectoral technique [1] and systematic analysis of soft tissue characteristics [2] have resulted in a more predictable approach to breast implant surgery, yet certain problems receive scant attention. Among these problems are animation distortions and shape issues such as “double-bubble” deformity.   In 2004, I reported the split-muscle technique as an option that balances… Read More »

Subfascial Breast Augmentation: Theme and Variations

Background: Subfascial placement of breast implants for augmentation has been advocated as an option that has some of the advantages of both the subpectoral and subglandular approaches while minimizing the disadvantages of each.   Objective: The author reports on the use of the subfascial approach in athletic and thin individuals, including extension of the range of applications… Read More »

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