Subfascial breast implant placement: still fashionable after all these years

Most patients (and most plastic surgeons) think of breast implants going either under or over the pectoral muscle. Under is the most common, and the dual plane method is considered standard by many. In actuality there are four planes for implant placement, and in my opinion dual plane may be the most problematic of them. New research… Read More »

Ten Things to Know About Breast Implant Revisions

Breast augmentation remains an extremely popular operation, with hundreds of thousands of women having the procedure every year. Surgical techniques continue to improve, implants are better, and patients are increasingly well-informed about their options. But what happens when things don’t turn out as expected? Revision breast implant surgery is also on the rise, and has… Read More »

New issues with breast implants: Should you be concerned?

Breast implants are in the news again, with the US Food and Drug Administration having issued warning letters to two manufacturers, and hearings on renewed safety concerns are set. But before getting too caught up in the controversies of the moment, it’s worth looking at how we got here. Let me add at the outset… Read More »

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